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We created Flat Reviews to provide free and useful information about apartments and villas in Dubai.

Dubai is a constantly evolving city, so whether you are a newcomer or have lived here for many years it can be difficult to know where to live. Buildings often have problems that only come to light after you have signed and paid.

FlatReviews.com helps you learn more about the buildings and areas that you may wish to live in and saves you from viewing properties that may not be suitable.

On Flat Reviews Dubai you can see what actual residents think of their homes and communities. This honest and first-hand information can help you eliminate unnecessary viewings and focus your search on areas and buildings that suit you best.

On FlatReviews.com you can:

  • See what actual residents think about their Dubai apartments and villas.
  • Search for reviews of a specific Dubai community or building.
  • Find out which are the top-rated buildings in Dubai.
  • Discover which Dubai areas have the top-rated apartments or villas.
  • Write your own review to share your experiences.

We hope you find our site useful; enjoy your stay!

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