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Marina Pinnacle
Horrible in every aspect
Foul smell in the corridors. Roaches infestations, no matter how many times I called exterminators, they come back. Security is aggressive and act like bouncers. I'm not even finishing my contract, that's how bad it is here.
Zenith Tower A1
Horrible AC experience
My experience with Zenith has been terrible if we talk about AC maintenance. The Air conditioners in all the apartments do not cool properly. Do not come here if you are looking for nice cooling. The design of AC in the entire building is incorrect even to begin with. The more… architects have done a very very poor job of ventilation design. The maintenance team can not do a thing to alleviate the ac design problem. They themselves are helpless to help you in your ac needs. AC is must in a place like UAE where scorching heat makes your life miserable.Show less
Zenith Tower A1
RUN AWAY very Bad Experience
I really do not recommend this building, very poor or non-existent customer service. It's a nightmare, during the day construction around and inside the building (noise of drilling, hammer, etc.) Very bad smell inside the bathroom and toilets. You have cockroaches everywhere. The AC once per week doesn't work, the more… maintenance guys dont want to fix problems and they suspect you of breaking things. The worst experience I got in Dubai. If you want to book or live there RUN AWAY. The real score is 0Show less
AB Plaza 6
Giant, at cost of poor construction & maintenance.
We love the size and layout of our apartment! Great light for our plants, fantastic location, close to multiple supermarkets, easy acces to roads. Makes us *almost* overlook all the other negative aspects, which are numerous. Great architect, poor execution basically. *Can hear the upstairs neighbours banging around all the time. *Gym more… is large but not a single machine works for over 3 years, neither the sauna, steam room or jacuzzi for 5(!) years. *Pipes are all corroding and dripping into common areas. *Sprinkler systems in kitchen completely eroded. *Poor sealing of doors and windows allows air to flow in and out as well as letting in noise from the busy street just outside. *Maintenance is slipshod and performed by one guy for the whole building. *Construction materials are sub par, even the marble is not enough to overlook the poor selection of doors, windows and bathroom fittings. Rent here but be aware of the trouble before you do!Show less
Park Towers
Good location, bad finishing
‘+’ Apartments are spacious, bedroom is big enough to work out with skipping rope near to bed, if you would want to. Cost is less then other DIFC buildings. Decent swimming pool, barbeque area. Nice small shops inside the building with nice friendly people and all you might suddenly need more… at home. Finally they connected building to DIFC gallery, now you have a bunch of fancy shops and cafes/restaurants reachable without even leaving the conditioned indoors. Overall nice place. ‘-‘ finishing is bad. Pool corridor always smelly. Gym is small (still accommodates everyone and there is ping-pong table and tennis court outside, so it compensates). Water pressure is bad during winter when you need to use heaters (manageable). Heaters themselves leak often and be ready to repair them time to time together with your furniture. Big headache by building management regarding moving things in/out, inviting servicemen (they sometimes put in place sudden new regulations that give you a headache).Show less
Al Seef Towers
Nice place to live in
I lived in Al Seef 3 for several years, and I can tell you it’s one of the best towers in JLT. The size is good, the view is nice, and it’s a quiet community. Staff in the building is friendly and helpful, neighbours are ok. We had to move more… because the owner sold it to someone else who was moving in. The only down side: roaches. The building is infested. Once that issue is fixed, I would say it’s worth to live there. Also, there was a bad smell coming from one of the walls, I assume it was related to one of the pipes. Be sure to not ignore any smells, no matter what the agent /owner tells you. It never went away, and yes, it was an issue. Other than that, great place to live. Great location and cozy flat :)Show less
Princess Tower
Don’t be fooled by the view
The tower itself self looks ok. Nothing too special. Staff is very friendly and helpful, the building has amazing facilities. The gym is great. It has two, one for cardio, one for weights. The Pool is ok. It also has an observatory deck, which I have not had the chance more… to visit yet. Now, the flat. We are renting a 3 bedroom flat on a higher floor (65). The view is phenomenal. You can see the palm, you can see jbr and Dubai Eye. The view is gorgeous. The size is ok. It has a separate kitchen, which is nice. One huge negative that must not be ignored is the noise/ dust. When I say noise, I mean it. The wind is LOUD. The windows and doors shake, and there is a very loud whistle. We hear it every day and night. Apart from that, you hear everything from the street and neighbours. You can hear every car, construction, tram. You can also hear your neighbours conversations and when they use the loo. Need I say more? Don’t waste your time and money no matter how nice people make it seem.Show less
Etjar 56
Great location
2019 completed building, the rooms other than the master are a bit small, as is the kitchen which along with the noise that travels in this house is the reason we will move.
Olympic Park 1
Great layout and good facilities with excellent ki
Honestly it is very good building, very nice and spacious layout with good maintenance team and free chiller cooling system. Availability of ladies & gents gym and nice swimming pool.
Burj Al Nujoom
Great Location but with lots of problems
We’ve been in this building for 4 years. If you want to live in Downtown without breaking your pocket, this building is for you. Burj Al Nujoom is one of the cheapest buildings that you can find in the Downtown area which is near the commercial establishments especially Dubai Mall. more… Also, there is a nearby grocery store (Carrefour) which is very convenient and located just a few meters away from the building. The downside though is, with the cheap price, don’t expect first class amenities. One problem that we’ve been dealing during our stay is the A/C especially in the bedrooms. Its either you will need to buy a separate A/C or electric fan if you want to feel comfortable in the summer season. There are also occasional smells coming out of the A/C.Show less
National Bonds Plaza
Very bad maintenance service
Very bad maintenance , ac always problem , plumbing services, in kitchen always water coming out, if you call maintenance they say call someone else and they will not answer also.
Al Rimal Towers
Quite and good
In general it's good, quite place, secure and surrounded by everything, however some time you need a car. The managements are careless, you can send emails and call them all the time with no response, it's a weak team. Peaceful area, however too many restructuring work Very bad gym, actually it's not gym
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