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Dubai is a city and an Emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and lively nightlife scene.
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It's good to okay depending on a few things...
It's not too bad depending on which building/where you live there. However, first sold as a a mid-range community, the quality of the building/apartment does not match that and rents rise everywhere in the city at the moment, just not there it seems. The good points are the beautiful sunset more… when you live high up facing the right side, it's a walk-able community, locations is also well connected, and they have some green spaces. Bad points in my view are that it's not really pet friendly. The false fire alarms every time were a nightmare and utterly stressful. Very small apartments. Poor construction/quality. Noise from A/C's on the roof when you live on top floor and noisy next door neighbors who couldn't care less as he was the owner of his apartment not caring about anyone. Noisy children squeaking and running throughout the day and night. Poor layout/design, building quality. Radio tower too close to building. Few grocery shops in walking distance. Other than that, it's not too bad.Show less
Sherlock House 1
Great community but...
It's a great community. The location is excellent, everything is nearby. The apartments are spacious which is super important not to feel claustrophobic like in some other buildings in the city. The best of course are the birds and the trees and without it, this place would be nothing. There more… are downsides too unfortunately. First of all, the walls are extremely thin. To that extend that I am not even using the bedroom (but paying for a 1-bed!) because every early morning my neighbors have a loud alarm going off that lasts for a while. It's like they are sitting in my room. It's very disturbing! Especially so early in the morning, makes you feel uncomfortable in the space you are occupying that should actually make you feel good! Also, sometimes there is noise from the neighbors above you (moving furniture etc.) but it's not too bad. Another bad thing is the cooling company where overcharges can happen. Also the management company which is unresponsive and ignoring emails.Show less
Roxana Residences
Bad Contracting, Worse Building Management
In short, the owners are fully aware of the bad construction quality yet they lie to all the tenants about maintenance, essentially painting over problems rather than fixing them. This is a huge problem for tenants on the 4th (top floor) of all 4 blocks of this community.  more… 1. The ceiling leaks every time it rains (both smoke detectors don't work because of the water damage). This is huge in terms of civil defence health and safety. 2. The windows do not seal properly leading to a build up of heat and humidity inside the apartment. AC bills are ridiculous as a result. 3. This humidity leads to mold developing in the false ceiling which leads to really bad smells. 4. Balcony drainage does not work because the contractor managed to pour cement into the pipes. 5. Sink water smells like chemicals in the mornings. The building owners and maintenance are an absolute scam refusing to accept any of the above, they lie to us and paint over problems.Show less
21st Century Tower
Not satisfied
Security is very rude.
Skycourts Towers
Best living
Skycourts Towers is best place to live. Spacious apartments, all facilities you can find here, best place for family living. Only need to upgrade the facilities like kids play area can convert in to children learning area/play ground. Other facilities like Gym need to be upgraded. Parking is perfect.
Dubai Arch Tower
Great tower but horrible security
The security changed in August 2022 and it became a disaster. They follow the rules too much. I was trying to get a bed delivered... They don't allow the delivery in the evening because as they said there could be noise from the fixing the bed frame and some neighbours more… will complain and the security will lose his job... We waited for one week sleeping almost on the floor and finally! The delivery came at 18:56. But now the security didn't allow them to go in because it's only allowed until 19:00. 4 minutes? One hour of talking and begging - no luck.Show less
Dania 3
Much overrated - noisy, humid, smelly
The building is poorly constructed-, humidity in,dust coming through the windows and the smells of food coming through the poorly maintained AC and garbage area. Poor management - no one ever answers - and maintenance. I do not recommend it. Security - the security kind guys, are the best thing about more… this area and place.Show less
Al Thani Residence
Molds Uncontrollable Health Hazzard
We moved in because we saw that it was clean, proper, has superb security, clean corridors, Family exclusive, has Gym and pool facilities, Chiller Free and affordable. After 8 months, the bathroom ceilings started to pour, even if several maintenance has been done. The exhaust is not powerful enough, there more… is no balcony to dry clothes, molds are starting to grow. At first there are no roaches, then they start to emerge even if we maintain cleanliness. Not that much unlike the other old buildings, but within a year of living here, they did not do pest and mold control. I was also surprised to see that there are no AC ducts, so basically, the AC unit is cooling the ceiling which is almost half of the entire floor area and since the ceilings are not painted, the concrete are bare and who knows what grows there. They increased the rent due to inflation. Still lower than the most rental buildings in the Area so we renewed because it is also accessible to shops, stores, bus stops & work.Show less
The Greens
Inspiring place to live. We had a great stay!
Greens as the name suggests, is a community full of trees. Great landscaping and maintainance in every part of this community. Extremely well maintained. Parks for walking, children, yoga. Swimming pools, gyms. This is a place where you can enjoy a beautiful balanced life :-) Good balcony, well lit homes. Shaded more… parking available. No hassles. management is very quick in addressing your issues.Show less
Al Kharbash Tower
Great Apartment but terrible maintenance
When it comes to the apartment I have no problem but the maintenance guys just do not attend to your request for months inspite of continuous reminders. Guest parking is manned by the security guards who could be more polite in their approach.
Silicon Arch
Not well maintained
The quality of the building is poor, gym, pool is not updated and in bad shape. AC breaks constantly, tiles and finishing is also poor quality, counters always stain.
Iliyaa 3
Bad experience
I would not recommend this building to anyone. Had a bitter experience staying here. Maintenance is poor, on vacating the flat they charge for the things which fall under routine maintenance. The management is not responsive. The security was not returned rather additional charges were incurred for things which weren't more… true and their is no one in the management to escalate the matter to.Show less
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